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Here’s one of our clients. We can do the same for you.

Here’s one of our clients. We can do the same for you.

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How To Work With Us

First of all – we don’t work with any business.

We only work with businesses who:

  • Are ambitious about growing their business
  • Have the bandwidth to take the growth that will come from working with us
  • Treat their employees and their customers well
If that sounds like you, then go through the easy process below:

Step 1

Request a 'Free SEO Audit'

This process takes about 2 minutes.

Step 2

Check Your Email

In less than 48 hours, one of our talented SEO specialists will send you a 3-5 minute customized video analysis. It will explain opportunities for you to outperform competitors.

This audit determines if you’re a potential fit as we only accept clients that we’re confident we can create dramatic impact for.

Step 3

Sit Back And Watch Your SEO Skyrocket

Just take a look at our case studies of the success that other Portland businesses have seen. You can have the same results.

Just Some of Our Client Results

Bridgetown Aesthetics

From ~200 Organic Monthly Visitors to 61,342 Just 2 Years Later - Leading to 5x High-Quality Phone Calls

  • Keyword Research
  • Local SEO
  • Content Creation & Optimization
  • Google Maps Marketing

Elite Home Exteriors NW

4x Phone Calls Year-Over-Year After Just 60 Days of Working Together

  • Local SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Content Optimization

In Motion OC

From ~500 Organic Monthly Visitors to 44,120 Just 18 Months Later, Supporting Their Growth To Open 2 New Locations

  • Keyword Research
  • Content Creation & Optimization


From 14 Organic Visitors to 12,138 Just 18 Months Later

  • Keyword Research
  • Content Creation & Optimization
  • Content Promotion

Silver Lining Scrubs

From ~100 Organic Visitors to 8,621 Just 7 Months Later - Leading to 10x Organic Sales

  • Keyword Research
  • Content Creation & Optimization


From Averaging ~650 Monthly Organic Visitors to 4,955 Just 9 Months Later - Leading to 15x Organic Sales

  • Ecommerce SEO
  • Content Creation & Optimization
  • Product Page Optimization

Trusted Nurse Staffing

From ~1,000 Monthly Organic Visitors to 21,337 Just 14 Months Later - Leading to 8x Organic Leads

  • Keyword Research
  • Content Creation & Optimization

CM Fusion

2.5x Increase in Organic Traffic for B2B SaaS Company Targeting Hyper-Competitive, Bottom-of-Funnel Keywords, Resulting in 3x Organic Leads

  • “Service” Page Optimizations
  • Content Creation & Optimization

Botanica Floral + Home

3x Clicks from Google Maps. From ~100 Monthly Organic Clicks to ~300 Monthly Organic Clicks

  • Local SEO
  • Google Maps Marketing

Emergent Education Tutoring

8x Increase In Google Maps Exposure, Resulting In Consistent, High-Quality Weekly Organic Leads

  • Local SEO
  • Google Maps Marketing

We are a Benefit Corporation for Good

We’re committed (and certified!) to practice the Triple P bottom line of People, Planet, and Profit. 

Portland SEO Growth Partners Dominates Google (We Clearly Know What We're Doing)

Why would you hire an SEO company that can’t even rank on Google themselves?

We also have over 100 Google reviews with a 5.0 star average rating. Our closest competitor has around 45 Google reviews.

Go to Google and type in things like “Portland SEO Company”, “Best SEO services in Portland,” etc and you’ll see that we’re dominating the results!

We aren’t just an SEO agency. We offer full-service digital marketing agency solutions.

As Portland SEO Experts, We Help Local & National Brands

Predictably Increase Leads and Sales, No Matter Their Industry

We help…

Local & Multilocation Businesses

Increase Local Leads & Phone Calls

Ecommerce Brands

Drive Engaged Visitors Who Are Ready To Buy

National & International Brands

Boost Leads From Around The Country

Our Portland SEO Services Aren't 🍪 Cutter - Everything Is 100% Customized To Your Business

Every Website is Unique

We treat every website individually (just like Google does). One of our clients came to us with thousands of blog posts on their website. Another client of ours started with just 3 pages on their website.

Every Industry is Unique

Google treats a local dentist here in Portland differently than a national construction project management software company. We take the time to understand your industry at a deep level.

Therefore, Every One Of Our SEO Campaigns Is Unique

We tailor our SEO campaigns to our clients’ unique opportunities. We implement strategies that help them perform the quickest. These strategies will be different from one client to another.

On Average, Our Services Cost

31% Less Than Other SEO Companies in Portland

Our clients average a $1,750 monthly investment to dominate their industries, less than a part-time, paid college intern.

Read Some of Our 85+ Five-Star Reviews

Pacific Clinic of Natural Medicine

January 2021

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value

We’ve only been working with Joey and his team for a month and we are already seeing 3x the new patients for our medical office coming from Google. I really appreciate the little videos they email me showing what changes they recommend making to our site to make it more SEO friendly. Looking forward to seeing more over the next few months.


February 2021

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

Our team recently brought on Joey and Portland SEO Growth to support our SEO strategy with an initial comprehensive audit and we couldn’t be happier with what his team delivered. He walked us through each finding with an accompanying video which made it really easy to digest and understand. The audit had lots of valuable insights that we weren’t totally aware of, particularly when it came to the competitor analysis. Looking forward to our next project together!

In Motion OC Physical Therapy

March 2021

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I’ve worked with Portland SEO Growth and their team for about 9 months now. They’ve been creating SEO-focused content to improve our domain authority and set us up for long-term success. We’ve seen some fantastic results. First, we’ve gone from averaging about 800 monthly organic visitors to, this last month in January of 2021, we had over 7,000 organic visitors. That’s almost a 10x increase! We’ve also seen our domain authority increase. If you’re looking for SEO experts in Portland, then definitely reach out to these folks!

Silver Lining Scrubs

November 2020

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

Joey and his team helped me with SEO-focused content for my website. I sell medical scrubs online and wasn’t ranking well for my high-value keywords. In just 3 months of working together, I’m now ranking on Page 1 of Google for some really valuable keywords. Not only that, but my organic traffic from Google has increased tremendously. I went from averaging 100 visitors per month to this month, I’m expecting close to 750 organic visitors. If you’re looking for an SEO company that values high-quality content, then they’re awesome!

Gold Standard Parenting

July 2020

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Joey and I have been working together for the past 9 months. He and his team have optimized 100 of our blog posts and have written SEO-friendly website copy for my new website. We had some hiccups on our end, and due to those, he even gave us some monetary credit. He’s very easy to partner with and has produced awesome work.

Power Wizard

April 2020

Positive: Quality

Joey and his team are hands down the best team from a content creation, strategy, and implementation. We have experienced massive results by partnering with his team.

Our Portland SEO Services: How We Help Grow Your Digital Presence

A Portland SEO Expert Or Company Should Do These 13 Things (But They Don't)

At Portland SEO Growth, these are principles we live by. They are non-negotiables that we commit to with each client.

Go ask other SEO companies if they do all 13 of these – we assure you that they don’t. 

1. They Should Be Dominating SEO Themselves

Go to Google and type in “Portland SEO” (over 12,500 searching for this each year) or “Portland SEO Company” (over 3,200 searching for this each year), and you’ll find us dominating.

We’re competing against other SEO companies. This is a highly competitive space and we’re still outperforming our competitors.

Imagine what we can do for you.

2. They Should Have Great Online Reviews

We encourage you to read all of our reviews on Google. You’ll hear from real clients who share their honest opinion.

There is no other SEO company in Portland that has the quality, or quantity, of positive reviews that we have. 

3. They Should Be Working Towards Very Specific SEO Goals

“Increasing your SEO” is not a goal. Many Portland SEO firms operate this way.

Instead, there needs to be clearly defined goals that align with your future. Do you want more phone calls? More online form submissions? Our SEO goals are built around those.

For example, Winter & Grossman had a goal of 10+ phone calls per month. After 2 months of working together, they surpassed their goal and had 17 phone calls in July 2020. As you can see from the previous year of data, they never had anywhere close to that amount of phone calls in one month.

seo dashboard to view

4. They Should Be Transparent With You Throughout the Entire Process By Giving You Access To an Up-To-Date Dashboard

SEO marketing in Portland, if you go with the wrong company, can lead to misleading data.

You should have the right to your data. And you should have the ability to view your data whenever you want to make sure the campaign is performing how you want.

At Portland SEO Growth, we give you access to your own personal dashboard that you can view at any time. 

seo dashboard to view

5. They Should Track Data Meticulously

Most SEO “experts” don’t even track data. They say that they’ll “increase your SEO” but they don’t have the data to prove it. 

At Portland SEO Growth, we track every piece of data from your rankings, CTR, user experience metrics, conversion rates, phone calls, form submissions, and more. With all this data, we can make calculated decisions.

6. They Should Set Expectations Properly

Many search engine optimization companies will say things like “we can get you on Page 1 of Google.”

First, guaranteeing that is impossible due to the volatility of Google’s algorithm. Second, those expectations are likely not to be met. 

At Portland SEO Growth, we set realistic expectations and then we over-perform on them. 

7. They Should Have At Least 10 Case Studies Proving Previous Success

We have dozens of case studies proving our success. If you’d like to view some of our case studies, you can click on the link.

8. They Should Charge a Fair and Affordable Price

Many of the SEO companies in Portland, OR charge ridiculously expensive prices. 

At Portland SEO Growth, our pricing structure is affordable for the average small business owner.

9. They Should Allow Potential Clients to Speak To Paying Clients

Every SEO company in Portland is going to argue that they’re the best.

A great strategy to figuring out just how good they are? Talk to some of their current clients.

At Portland SEO Growth, most of our clients (except those who don’t want to share their data or information due to privacy issues) are willing to talk to potential clients because they’ve been so happy with their results.

10. They Should Avoid Binding Contracts

One of the biggest concerns that you should have is if you’re signing a binding contract with an SEO company. This means that you lock in a 6 or 12-month contract. Do NOT do this.

These contracts do not force the SEO company to do the best for you. They should be earning your business each month by constantly improving your results. 

At Portland SEO Growth, we do not have clients sign binding contracts. 

11. They Should Explain What They're Doing It And Why They're Doing It

Other SEO experts in Portland operate using a black box. They don’t tell you what they’re doing or why they’re doing it. 

At Portland SEO Growth, we’re extremely transparent. We give you insights into what we’re doing using language that you can understand.

12. They Should Be a Partner Throughout the Process, Not Just Another "SEO Consultant" Telling You What To Do

A local SEO company should be your partner. They should work with you. 

Instead, many SEO companies in Portland feel like they should have control over you.

At Portland SEO Growth, we approach every client relationship as a partnership.

13. They Should Have Extreme Ownership Over The Campaign - No Excuses

Other SEO Agencies in Portland are quick to blame. If they don’t get you the results you want, they’ll blame it on you or external factors.

At Portland SEO Growth, we never make excuses. It’s our job, no matter what, to get you the results you deserve. 

A Message From Our Founder & CEO

FAQs About Portland SEO Services

Here are the most common questions we’ve heard.

There is no “best SEO company in Portland” – it totally depends on your business. We recommend that you shop around and get as much information from every SEO company as possible.

By gathering pricing, case studies, contract information/policies, reading reviews, talking to current clients of these companies, etc, you’ll find clarity on which company is best for you.
Some SEO services in Portland include website design. However, website design is often a separate process.
Yes, we help e-commerce websites with their SEO.

Below are just two examples of e-commerce SEO results we’ve gotten for our clients.

1. Chiavaye went from averaging ~20 organic visitors from Google each month in April of 2019 to having over 10,000 organic visitors from Google just 1.5 years later in October of 2020.

2. Silver Lining Scrubs went from averaging ~100 organic visitors from Google each month to having nearly 2,000 organic visitors from Google just 3 after partnering together. This led to an additional $3,000 in sales per month.
A Portland SEO consultant will likely audit your website and tell you what needs to be done. They won’t actually do the work.

On the other hand, a Portland SEO firm will also implement the SEO strategies for your business.
Most SEO companies in Portland, since they force you to sign a binding contract, don’t have to worry about this. If they don’t get you the results you want, they likely won’t work hard to change (since there’s not a big incentive).

On the other hand, if our clients don’t see results, then they’ll likely cancel (since we don’t force them to sign binding contracts). So, the livelihood of our business depends on getting our clients results.
There are four main reasons:

1. We charge per project (not some obscure monthly retainer or hourly): therefore, you know exactly what you’re going to pay and exactly what you’re going to get out of it.

2. We don’t require clients to sign binding contracts: this forces us to get results for our clients – if we don’t get results, they’ll stop working with us.

3. We have dozens of case studies to prove our success (and we let you speak to our clients): this gives you peace of mind knowing that we’re Portland SEO experts. Any SEO company can tell you how awesome they are – but, by having access to our clients, you’ll be able to hear it from their own words.

4. Our team is made up of extremely talented women, many of which are military spouses. We care deeply about our team.
The cost of SEO in Portland, Oregon is totally dependent on which SEO agency you work with. Many agencies in Portland have minimums – meaning that if you don’t spend, say, at least $2,500 per month, then they won’t take you as a client.

Here’s what we can tell you. Our average Portland-based client spends ~ $850 per month. How does that stack up to other Portland SEO pros? Well, it’s about 50% less expensive on average.

Don’t believe us? Go out and get some quotes – we’re confident that the average quote will be close to $2,000 per month.
Portland SEO is the same as any other SEO in any other city in the United States. However, we treat every business’s SEO differently.

A local dentist in Portland, Oregon will likely need slightly different SEO strategies compared to a dentist in another city. Each business is unique and we treat them as such.
We do offer local SEO in Portland. Our professional team of 20+ specializes in local SEO. Our strategies help businesses get more local visibility, leading to more phone calls and online form submissions.

For example, below are 2 examples:

1. A local medical spa here in Portland saw 3x the phone calls in less than 60 days of working with us.

2. A local naturopathic doctor, in September of 2020 (before working with us) had 3 new patients from Google. Within 30 days, during the month of October (our first month of partnering together), they had 10 new patients from Google – that’s a 3x increase.
We encourage businesses to shop around. Get quotes and talk to as many Portland SEO agencies as possible.

Ask them to see previous case studies. Ask them if you can talk to their current clients. Ask them if they have binding contracts. Ask them their pricing. Ask them if they’ve worked with similar businesses to yours. Ask them exactly which actions they’ll take to help your business.

Then, based on all that information, it’ll be clear which company you should work with.
It totally depends on your business and your competitors. On average, our clients see tangible results (like an increase in phone calls, website traffic, etc) in less than 90 days.

However, for some local Portland businesses, we’ve helped them see results in less than 30 days.

If a Portland SEO firm promises your results, that’s a red flag and you should consider another company.

Most SEO marketing companies in Portland require that you sign a binding contract. We honestly think that this is unethical.

Why do we think it’s unethical? Once you sign a contract, that SEO company in Portland has no incentive to continue getting you results. They know that you have to pay every month.

We don’t operate that way. We need to earn your business each and every month by proving results.

Free SEO Resources

Step-by-step guides, comprehensive checklists, and more. 

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