Chiavaye is an e-commerce store.

They went from frustrated and confused of how SEO works to…

Complete marketing clarity and a long-term strategy that’s already proven to work.  

The Problems

The Solution

The Results

From 14 Organic Visitors To 8,159 Organic Visitors

The team at Portland SEO Growth wrote dozens of engaging, SEO-focused pieces of content.

After a couple of months, traffic skyrocketed to over 3,000 monthly visitors.

seo growth in portland OR with chiavaye

Double The Online Sales

After increasing Chiavaye’s organic exposure for keywords that her target audience is searching for, her online store grew significantly.

Before, only people who already knew about Chiavaye would buy. Now, strangers find the site and pull out their wallets.

Increased Social Engagement Do To Repurposing Content

Because of the high-quality content the Portland SEO Growth team creates, Chiavaye has the opportunity to repurpose it.

Their Growth

More Organic Visitors Each Month
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Increase in Online Sales
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Expected Monthly Visitors By 2021, compared to less than 100 when we initially started
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LOVE WORKING WITH JOEY!!! We really appreciate Joey's expertise in content marketing and SEO for our business. For the last couple of months he's been publishing amazing content to our site that is increasing our exposure and website traffic. He's honest & trustworthy and we love having him as a partner. He's also willing to provide feedback and discuss overall strategy so the content, SEO, and marketing can stay in alignment. Can't recommend him enough if you're trying to grow your business and make an impact!
Kaylyn Easton

How To Work With Us

First of all – we don’t work with all Portland businesses.

We only work with businesses who:

  • Are ambitious about growing their business
  • Have the bandwidth to take the growth that will come from working with us
  • Treat their employees and their customers well
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