Power Wizard

Power Wizard has created an online platform that makes finding and buying the best electricity plan easier. 

The Problems

The Solution

The Results

From Ranking For 7 Keywords to Ranking for 164

The team at Portland SEO Growth created over 200 pieces of high-quality content that has led to dramatic increases in organic rankings. 

From No Organic Traffic to Over 5 Sales Every Day From Organic

Before working with Portland SEO Growth, Power Wizard was getting 0 sales from organic traffic every week. 

Now, Power Wizard is averaging about 5 sales EVERY day through organic traffic thanks to our team’s SEO efforts.

Their Growth

Positions Increased in Google Rankings
Sales Every Day From SEO
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Or More of Paid Traffic is Sent To Content We Created
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"Portland SEO Growth is the real deal. Joey is a monster when it comes to SEO. He knows what he's doing and it shows in the results.
Daniel Cleaves
Power Wizard

How To Work With Us

First of all – we don’t work with all Portland businesses.

We only work with businesses who:

  • Are ambitious about growing their business
  • Have the bandwidth to take the growth that will come from working with us
  • Treat their employees and their customers well
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