Divoti Proposal

SEO & Content Audit for Divoti

We don’t operate with binding contracts. Everything is done per project.

Initial Audit

Audits for Long-Term Domination
$ 1,500
  • Keyword Research: Comprehensive report with 300 keywords that your target audience is searching for. For each keyword, we track volume, competitiveness, traffic cost, top ranking competitors, and a proprietary metric called "content opportunity score." We are NOT just going into SEMrush and pulling data - we have a systematic process that goes much more beyond this
  • Competitor Analysis: In-depth report of your top 4 competitors (from an SEO perspective). For each competitor, we find their top-performing pages, how they've set up their website's site architecture, their big picture content strategy, their on-page SEO techniques content creation practices, base-level technical SEO, backlink profile, domain authority, and more to figure out exactly what they've done to rank well for competitive keywords. We also find incredibly valuable "gap opportunities
  • Content Audit: Full analysis of all your current content to determine 1) what needs to be optimized, 2) what can be repurposed and how it can be repurposed, and 3) how it can convert at a higher level
  • Content Roadmap: 180-day content roadmap with low-hanging fruit opportunities to move the needle as quickly as possible
  • Content Optimizations: Includes 2 content optimizations (us actually going through and optimizing 2 pieces of content) to quick increase 1) keyword rankings, 2) organic traffic, and 3) conversions. Normally $249 per content optimization if done a la carte.

Ongoing SEO

Ongoing SEO

For The Growing Brand
$ 1,500
  • Recurring Content Creation: 3x pieces of content per month at 1,750+ words (our content averages 1,900 words in length) each targeting high-value keywords that will boost your entire website's domain authority, using proper internal linking strategies, on-page SEO, and more
  • Recurring Content Optimization: 1 content optimization per month (could be a category page, product page, blog, etc) to increase rankings, organic traffic, conversions, domain authority, and more. We optimize URL structure, title tag, meta description, header tags, copy, conversion elements, and more
  • Monthly Reporting: Includes monthly email reports sharing content performance (keyword rankings, organic traffic, engagement, and more)
  • We publish the content to your website
  • Analytics Reporting Dashboard: We set up and provide full access to our analytics and business intelligence reporting dashboard that you can log in to at any time so you can make informed decisions about your website and its visitors.