5 Content Writing Samples: Examples You Can Learn From

Whether you’re looking for a content writer for your business’s website…

Or as a writer, you’ve seen tons of recent job postings for SEO content writers and you’re interested in adding an extra skill to your resume…

You’ve come to the right place.

Bill Gates once wrote, “Content is King.” 

Decades later, as more and more businesses try to draw in customers through online interactions, we can’t help but agree with him. 

Today, businesses of all types are looking for someone to create content to help them build an online presence and create connections.

In this guide, we’ll show you:

  • Concrete, easy ways to improve your writing
  • How written content connects with readers
  • Ways to influence potential customers/clients using written content

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Proof That Our Content Writing Samples Perform Well From an SEO Perspective

We can share writing samples all day long.

But if you don’t know if they perform well, then who cares?

Here’s an example of a travel nurse staffing agency we’ve worked with for nearly 2 years. Below, we’ll share 3 writing samples (go ahead and read through the articles).

  1. Local Travel Nursing: Is it Possible to Be a Travel Nurse in Your Own State? – here’s the link.

    Q3 of 2022: This one content writing sample drove 4,488 organic visitors from Google

  2. Travel Nurse Housing Stipend: A Complete Guide – here’s the link

    Q3 of 2022: This one content writing sample drove 3,036 organic visitors from Google

  3.  Where Do Travel Nurses Find Housing? A Comprehensive Guide to Travel Nurse Housing – here’s the link
    Q3 of 2022: This one content writing sample drove 2,792 organic visitors from Google

Q3 of 2022, across ALL content on their site (which we’ve supported with) drove 48,035 organic visitors from Google

What Is Content Writing?

Anything you put on the internet is considered content—Instagram posts, LinkedIn articles, newsletters, blog posts, etc.

The simplest definition of content writing is this: providing online users with relevant written information targeted toward a specific audience.   

For example, the content you’re currently reading targets people like you, who are looking for content creators or content writing samples.

Business owners are becoming more and more aware that written content plays a massive role in the success of their business.

 In fact, 70% of people prefer to get information about a company from written content, like a blog post, verses from an online advertisement. 

By providing consumers with free and useful information over the web, a business can: 

  • Build authority and credibility in their industry
  • Attract potential customers to their website
  • Develop long-lasting relationships with customers
  • Improve brand recognition and awareness 

And more.

Why SEO Content Writing Samples Are So Valuable

SEO content writing samples are extremely valuable because they can help you learn what quality SEO content writing looks like.

Have you ever been to a blog and scrolled right through because you were overwhelmed by the amount of content on the page? Those websites aren’t good SEO content writing examples.

But they are an example of why it’s so important to know what quality SEO content looks like.

What Does SEO Writing Involve?

      • Conducting keyword research
      • Learning proper post structure
      • Creating comprehensive content — using keywords and phrases
      • Connecting with your readers/customers easily

Creating valuable SEO content not only shows that you understand readers’ needs and you know how to help, but it also means that Google’s algorithm will recognize your content.

Google knows that when someone is using the search engine, they are searching something specific.

And they want to find it, fast.

In fact, according to TIME, the average internet user only spends up to 15 seconds on a page. 

That means, as a writer, you have less than 15 seconds to connect with someone who’s come to your website.  

How can you connect with someone in less than 15 seconds?  

By creating content that is optimized for search engines.  

How Can Viewing SEO Content Writing Samples Benefit My Business?

Taking the time to view SEO content samples before creating your website pages, or blog posts, you’ll be a step ahead of your competition.

SEO content can take your business to the next level.

On-page SEO and Local SEO help improve brand awareness by bringing potential customers to your website, introducing them to content that adds value to their life, and lands your business a new customer.

Google, as well as your potential customers, are looking for quality content that answers their questions quickly.

Curious about how SEO content writing can benefit your business? 

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5 Content Writing Sample Articles

We believe in practicing what we preach. 

You’ve learned why SEO content writing is so important.

Now, we will show you how writing SEO content—or hiring a SEO content writing company like Portland SEO Growth—can lead to a more successful business. 

Instead of only telling you how to write quality content, we’re going to show you five web content writing samples that show how written content can influence readers and connect with potential clients.

1. Relate to Your Audience - Bridgetown Aesthetics

Bridgetown Aesthetics always focuses on the importance of  relating to their audience. 

The company knows how to connect with their reader and remind the reader that they can provide services they are interested in. 

Here’s an example of how:

Know Your Target Audience and Have Them In Mind As You Write

In this Bridgetown Aesthetics piece, the writer had their viewers in mind. 

They knew that if someone clicked on the page, they were most likely struggling with migraines and looking for relief. 

In less than 15 seconds, the person reading this article can find the answer to their question. 

Knowing your target audience—in this case it was people looking to get rid of wrinkles on their forehead—and creating content that is easy to relate to is key to developing engagement with your brand or product. 

If readers aren’t engaged, they aren’t likely to stay on your website or buy your products.

2. Build Credibility - Power Wizard

Power Wizard is a company that helps Texas residents find the best electricity plans for their homes or businesses. 

In order to build and strengthen relationships with their customers, PW understands that they have to show authenticity.

Let’s look at a content writing sample that helped Power Wizard build credibility by doing some simple research.

Do Your Research

Internet users are coming to your website looking for reliable information. 

Think of yourself as an internet detective—a content writing problem solver.

Google users are searching for answers to their questions. In order to gain credibility, the facts you provide not only need to be valuable, but correct. 

By doing your research and using credible sources, you will gain trust, and build your website’s authority.

Take this Power Wizard article, for example:

This article is answering the following question:

Can landlords turn off tenants’ electricity in TX?

The writer could have responded with a simple yes or no. 

But a reader would then likely leave Power Wizard’s website to go find out why

Instead, the writer provides a Texas law that states what landlords can and cannot do. Now, the person reading the article not only found insights they were searching for, but they know why. 

By providing reliable sources, Power Wizard builds authority with potential customers while adding tremendous value.

Let’s assume Power Wizard embedded a link into the text that leads to the law, this would also increase their authority with search engines. 

3. Include a Call to Action - American Dream U

Creating content for websites is about drawing people in, answering questions, and solving their problems. 

American Dream U is a resource created for veterans and their families who are in transition from the military into the civilian workplace.

In the following snippets, ADU’s content writer creates connections by writing pieces that encourage readers to think:

Yes, I want more information! What else can I find while I’m on this website.

Keep Your Content Writing Actionable

American Dream U’s primary goal is to help veterans and their families as they successfully transition into life outside of the military. 

Content writing involves convincing readers to take action. This is known as creating a call-to-action.

See the banner at the top on the top of this content? 

ADU knows that many of their potential clients are looking for resources to help them find a job outside of the military.

The banner encourages veterans to click the button, stay on the website, and take a free course that will help them find their dream job. 

ADU does a superb job of keeping readers on their website and providing them with valuable information.

People want to know why they should click a link, or subscribe to a newsletter, etc. 

At the end of this article, the writer introduces the reader to another page that will provide more information they may be looking for. This simple call-to-action keeps people from straying away from the company’s site. 

Aside from their great calls-to-action, ADU always puts its audience first. 

Veterans and their families feel understood and appreciated when they visit the website.

4. Create Readable Content - Clarity Council

Have you ever landed on a website and felt overwhelmed by the amount of information the writer was throwing at you in one paragraph?

It happens all over the internet. 

Creating content that is eye catching and engaging is something Clarity Council knows how to do.

Write Readable: Don’t Overuse Italics, Bold, or Underlining

Using numbered lists and bullet points is a simple way to break up large blocks of text and keep readers interested.

This excerpt from one of Clarity Council’s blog shows how content can be structured with SEO in mind: 

It didn’t take you long to read through that sample, right? 

The author successfully broke up the content, making it easy to skim. 

If someone is looking for a specific answer, their eyes are likely to go straight toward the bold text. 

But as a content writer, it’s vital to understand that overusing these tricks can cause the reverse effect. 

What if you read a sentence like thisWhat part of the sentence are you paying the most attention to?

Those two sentences probably weren’t easy to digest. 

Understandably so.

That’s because your eyes and brain couldn’t figure out which part to focus on.

Avoid fancy fonts, overly exaggerated typography, and lengthy paragraphs. 

These simple tricks help people find what they’re looking for quickly and walk away remembering something.

5. Tone Matters - Chiavaye

The following content writing samples are from the blog of a company called Chiavaye. Chiavaye is a lubricant company that was created for women, by a woman who suffers from endometriosis. 

In these writing samples you’ll see how, when appropriate, creating content that is conversational and direct can fit well with some brands.

Her tone is light, but empathetic. 

Then, without beating around the bush, the author gets directly to the point – that women experiencing these symptoms aren’t alone and there are solutions to their problem. 

Here’s another look at Chiaveye’s website:

Do you see how the content writer makes it easy for women to relate?

If the woman reading the article is experiencing endometriosis with IBS symptoms, she may be thinking,

“Yes! Finally someone who understands what I’m going through!”

The writer shows compassion and provides a preview of how Chiavaye can help the reader find the answers they’ve been looking for.

Use The Right Tone

For a company like Chiavaye, a conversational, yet direct tone is appropriate for the audience the owner is trying to reach.

This isn’t always the case.

For instance, say you’re writing for a local pharmaceutical company. 

A light, conversational, fun tone, probably isn’t appropriate. Instead, a more professional, tactical tone might be necessary. 

Learning the voice of your business/client makes all the difference in connecting with your audience. When your audience feels understood and comfortable, they are more likely to return for more information and ultimately purchase your product or service.

APP Method

Th snippet above also illustrates the importance of creating a compelling introduction.

The writer uses what’s known as the APP method. Created by Brian Dean, APP stands for Agree, Promise, Preview. 

Here’s how it works:


First, the writer acknowledges the symptoms women may be experiencing: pain, gas, and bloating.  

She understands just how uncomfortable, inconvenient and confusing these symptoms can be. Women reading the article are likely nodding their heads in agreement.  

Then, the author promises that she has the answers her readers are looking for.


Finally, before jumping into the content, the writer gives a preview of what the guide is going to include and how she can help her readers find a solution.

Using the APP method, you can immediately connect with your audience. 

They know what the piece of content is about and if it will be useful to them.

Content Marketing Samples by Industry

As we’ve already discussed, content marketing is so dependent on industry.

If you’re doing photography SEO and writing content for your blog, then your tone, style, and design should look VERY different than a lawyer’s blog.


Lifestyle Content Sample:

Here’s a great lifestyle content sample from Epic Gardening.

The screenshot below is from their blog post about how to grow sunflowers.

Why is this so great? It’s INCREDIBLY easy to digest. And that’s what users want!

Professional Content Sample:

Here’s a great professional content sample from Flexbase.

The screenshot below is from their page about Lien Waivers in Texas (seems boring, huh? Just wait for it!)

Why is this so great? While it’s professionally written and speaks the “language” of construction companies, it’s also easy to digest and comprehend. It’s not hard for the user. They understand what Flexbase offers very, very quickly. 

Additional Content Marketing Writing Samples: Portland SEO Growth

Without SEO content, it’s almost impossible for your website to rank with search engines. 

Here at Portland SEO Growth, we understand how important content is in order to lead people to your business. And we want to help your business succeed. 

We create valuable content that gets your business seen by search engines and your customers.

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