Proven Ways To Take Your Content Writing To The Next Level With Content Writing Tools

Are you looking for ways to sharpen your content writing and take it to the next level? 

Having a content writing process is usually helpful, but sometimes that process can make you feel like you’re just going through the motions.

More than likely, you need a list of tools that you can add to your bag of content writing hacks.

This guide has you covered with 20 tools for writing content that have been proven to level up your current writing skills.

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What Is Content Writing – And Why You Should Jump On Board Now

Content marketing is creating, attracting, and driving traffic by providing consistent and relevant value to a particular target market. 

According to Forbes, content marketing can include content writing in the following ways:

  • Copywriting on Web pages and blog posts
  • Written content for Infographics
  • Scripts for podcasts and video
  • Books, ebooks, and white papers

Unlike traditional marketing methods…

The ultimate goal of content marketing is to provide written content that provides as much value as possible for your reader.It has often been said that “content is king”.

20 Best Content Writing Tools For SEO To Take Your Writing From Good – To Better – To Extraordinary

If you want your content to be found by your target audience, it is important to understand how SEO (search engine optimization) and content marketing work together.

When you consider SEO and use targeted search terms – called keywords – in your content writing, people are more likely to find your specific content.

Google, one of the most popular search engines used today, is “crawling the web” for SEO content to help people find information that is relevant to their needs.

If your content is written with SEO strategies in mind, it is more likely to be found by your targeted audience. 

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Content Writing Tools - 5 Organization Tools To Keep You On Track

According to Business Wire, technology tools that help you organize your work can help you save up to 35% of your time. 

The following SEO tools for content writing can take your writing and strategies that you already have to the next level – some might work better than others depending on your unique situation.

Content Writing Organization Tool #1: Dropbox

With Dropbox, you can store and share files with others online. You can access them at any time using various devices, such as your laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone. 

This cloud-based tool can be used online or through the app with either their free (up to 2 GB) or paid plans on computers and mobile devices.

Content Writing Organization Tool #2: Google Drive

One of the most well-known Google content writing tools is Google Drive.

With Google Drive, you can create, organize and share your written content. It is a free cloud storage software, which means you never have to suffer from unnecessary stress and panic when your hard drive crashes with all of your files lost.

You can access Google Drive features with your computer or mobile device online and with Android and iOs apps.

Content Writing Organization Tool #3: Asana

A free online software system like Asana can help to organize your work tasks. If you work with a team of people, you can assign team members specific tasks and responsibilities. It’s basic features allow you to create to-do lists, calendars, set reminders about projects, and much more. 

Asana also offers different paid plans with more robust features. 

The software is compatible with computers and mobile devices.

Content Writing Organization Tool #4: Trello

With Trello you can move your completed content writing tasks on assigned “cards” to various categories, similarly to how you might use a corkboard for project management. This is especially useful for team management tasks.

Trello has both free and paid plans depending on your needs, with easy web-based access on your computer or mobile device.

Content Writing Organization Tool #5: Evernote

Stay organized with a free digital notebook like Evernote. It can help you to stay on top of your brainstorming, research, content writing, and compiling images.

Because Evernote is web-based, you can access your content online or through their app on both computers and mobile devices.

Content Writing Tools - 4 Keyword Tools

Before you begin writing your content, you must do effective keyword research

Identifying relevant keywords that your audience is searching for and crafting your content to meet their needs will be much more effective than just writing content based on your assumptions.

Keep reading to learn more about some of the best keyword tools used for content writing.

Content Writing Keyword Tool #1: SEMrush

SEMrush is an all-inclusive, online keyword tool that can help you with researching keywords and auditing webpages — including your competitors’ keywords and rankings.

Try it out with its limited free-trial before upgrading to a paid subscription plan.

Content Writing Keyword Tool #2: Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a paid, web browser extension (available for Chrome & Firefox) for your computer that pulls keyword search data for many well-known websites, such as Google, Amazon, YouTube, eBay, Etsy, and many more

Content Writing Keyword Tool #3: Ubersuggest

If you are needing to generate new content with keyword-focused SEO in mind, you need to check out Ubersuggest. At no cost to you, this web-based tool can even help you to identify your competitors and their Google rankings. You have limited search options unless you upgrade to a paid premium plan.

Content Writing Keyword Tool #4: Answer The Public

Answer the Public is a free visual search web-based tool that can help you to find relevant keywords and questions that are pulled from search engines like Google and Bing

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Content Writing Tools - 4 Design Tools

Your writing can instantly be more engaging when it is aesthetically pleasing to your reader.

Creating infographics and videos does not have to be left to the professionals. You can also access beautiful stock photography on your own.

With the following design tools, you can upgrade your content, as well as gain some SEO “juice”.

Content Writing Design Tool #1: Canva

Canva is a free and paid online graphic design tool that is a favorite among both designers and non-designers.

With its intuitive, drag-and-drop features and beautifully designed templates, you can use your computer or phone to bring their content writing to life.

Content Writing Design Tool #2: Photoshop

If you are interested in editing or retouching photos for your content, you may want to try Photoshop. It is a downloadable software and app-based paid product that is compatible with both Windows and macOS computers.

Content Writing Design Tool #3: Hubspot’s Free Stock Photos

Your search for quality royalty-free stock photos to accompany your written content can end with Hubspot’s Free Stock Photos.

They offer over 550 assorted photos that you can legally use for free when you subscribe to their newsletter.

Content Writing Design Tool #4: Camtasia

Camtasia is a downloadable software that allows you to record and film professional-looking videos. It is available on Windows and macOS as both a free trial and paid product.

Content Writing Tools - 4 Editing Tools

After completing your draft, you need to ensure that your writing embodies excellent:

  • Grammar
  • Clarity
  • And readability

Editing tools are a content writer’s best friend. Below you’ll find some of the top editing tools for your content writing.

Content Writing Editing Tool #1: Grammarly

Grammarly, a free online editing tool for your computer helps give you peace of mind when editing your written content.

With this web-based app, you can ensure that your writing is clear and effective for your reader. Upgrade to a paid plan for more features. 

Content Writing Editing Tool #2: Hemingway

If you are looking for a way to refine your writing skills and improve your content’s readability, you should try out Hemingway for free online. There is also a paid, downloadable version for more premium features.

Content Writing Editing Tool #3: Word Counter

Need to keep your written content around a certain word count? Use Word Counter, a free and simple to use web-based tool.

Simply cut and paste your content into their word processor to get your accurate word count.

Content Writing Editing Tool #4: Power Thesaurus

Are you trying to avoid using the same words or phrases in your writing? Using a free and easy to use online tool like Power Thesaurus can help you quickly find synonyms that are fitting for your content.

3 BONUS Content Writing Tools – What To Write About

Are you feeling stuck or unsure of what topics to write about? 

Sometimes you just need to have some help brainstorming content ideas. 

These last three content writing tools can help you do just that.

Content Writing Bonus Tool #1: BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is the ultimate content research tool for content creators. With this web-based tool, you can find out what is resonating with your target audience so that you can create relevant, valuable-based content.

You can begin with a free 7-day trial before deciding to invest in the paid subscription plans.

Content Writing Bonus Tool #2: Portent’s Content Idea

If you already have a keyword in mind, use Portent’s Content Idea Generator to get dozens (if not hundreds) of engaging headlines and titles. This free tool can be accessed on your computer or any smart device and offers various other helpful ideas for content writers.

Content Writing Bonus Tool #3: Hubspot

If you have a blog, or are considering creating a blog, and need a list of ideas for content, Hubspot offers a free Blog Topic Generator.

If you enter your niche or keyword phrase, you can access a week’s worth of blog topics instantly, with the option to get 250 more by becoming a free subscriber to their mailing list.

Content Writing – Work Smarter, Not Harder

When it comes to creating value-driven content for readers, there are many things to consider:

  • SEO-focused strategy
  • Effective Keyword Research
  • Consistent Content Schedule
  • Content for SEO
  • Link Building

…and so much more.

You have a choice to make:

  1. Take the risk of missing out on implementing these effective SEO content writing strategies – which means you may not rank on Google

  2. Or ensure that these SEO strategies are well thought out and implemented by a team of professionals.

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