Duplicate Page Content Checker - 7 Of The Best Tools That You Need To Know About

You already know that duplicate content is not going to help your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

Not only does it reflect poorly on your brand, but creating duplicate content is also a waste of time and money. Google and other search engines will just filter it out and it won’t help your site rank higher.

But how do you make sure that your site doesn’t include duplicate content?

There are tons of free and paid services you can use to scan your content for duplicates. 

Read on to find out which duplicate page content checkers we love to use, and which ones will work best for you.

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Why You Need A Website Duplicate Content Checker - ASAP

When businesses are still inexperienced at SEO, and are trying to improve their search engine rankings, they might make the mistake of trying to outsmart Google’s algorithm by making copies of content and posting them as separate pages. 

Google and other search engines have complex, highly-advanced algorithms that “know” when a page has been duplicated. Their system will simply disregard the page and it won’t help your website’s rankings.

Ethical businesses create content without purposely plagiarizing other people’s creative work. However, your company may accidentally create duplicate content. 

This probably sounds unlikely, but it happens all the time. 

If you’re an expert about a certain topic and you’re constantly reading and writing about it, you’re bound to come up with a duplicate sentence now and then. 

Using a website duplicate content checker online allows you to change up your content so that it’s completely original, which helps your site rank. 

Remember: Google’s main goal is to bring the most value to the search engine results. 

The system scans web pages for quality, original content, and ranks these pages higher.

Check Content Duplication Online - Who’s Job Is It?

Any content that is associated with your brand should be valuable, engaging, and well-written. 

When you see a company that is ranking highly with competitive SEO, there is most likely a team of professionals working on it. These teams are responsible for making sure that no efforts are wasted by creating duplicate content.

At Portland SEO Growth, we have a three step process to make sure there is no duplicate content in our articles. 

  1. The copywriter ensures the work is their own
  2. The first editor runs the article through an external duplicate content checker
  3. The second editor verifies that the article has no duplicate content before it is published.

Creating content that meets all the requirements for GOOD SEO can be difficult if you’re not an expert with years of experience. 

If you don’t have time to learn all the ins and outs of SEO, or the time to write great content for your website, let us do it for you. 

We guarantee that you’ll gain valuable organic traffic to your website by using our 25+ SEO experts to write and edit your content for you. 

Top 4 FREE Duplicate Content Checkers

Free site duplicate content checkers can work well if you don’t need all the bells and whistles, and you don’t mind some advertisements while you’re checking your content. 

Here are our favorite 4 free online duplicate content checker tools:

FREE Duplicate Content Checker #1- Duplichecker

Duplichecker is a free online tool to scan your content to make sure it’s unique. 

They offer the following tools as well:

  • Grammar check
  • Paraphrasing tool —  to help you change your sentence structure if needed
  • Online plagiarism check
  • Keyword research tools

Duplichecker is a great website to use because they offer so many of the tools you need for SEO purposes. 

Keep in mind you get what you pay for. 

Since Duplichecker is a free service, you may have to put up with pop-ups or banner ads, smaller databases of information, and other inconveniences.

How To Use It For Your SEO Content

Duplichecker offers keyword research tools that you can use before you write a piece of content. Find keywords that will benefit your SEO the most, and center your piece of content around those keywords.

After writing a piece of content, upload it to the Duplichecker app. You can either copy and paste the document or you can upload it.

After a few seconds, the system will let you know if there is any duplicate content, and where it is located in the document. 

The system will make suggestions where you can change your sentences around so the piece is completely original.

After you check for duplicates, you can run your content through for grammatical and spelling errors as well.

FREE Duplicate Content Checker #2- Siteliner

Siteliner works a little bit differently. This free service scans your whole website for duplicate content and broken links.

The service is slightly easier to use since you only have to type in your domain name, but it’s a little less exact.

How To Use It For Your SEO Content

Use Siteliner every few days to check your web content for duplicates and broken links.

When using Siteline, it’s a good idea to use a secondary duplicate content checker to scan each piece of content individually.

FREE Duplicate Content Checker #3- Copyscape

Copyscape also requires a scan of your domain name. 

They check for plagiarism and duplicate content. Plus, they offer a monitoring service that will alert you if a copy is ever found on a different website. 

Unlike the other free duplicate content checkers, Copyscape offers premium services for “large batch” scanning which is intended for large websites.

How To Use It For Your SEO Content

Copyscape is sometimes used to make sure that no one else is plagiarizing the content you’ve written.

You can set up an alert to let you know if a competitor is stealing from your website. Copyscape will send you an email if they detect that your content has been used elsewhere.

FREE Duplicate Content Checker #4- Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tool Duplicate Content Checker offers a simple way to make sure your piece isn’t plagiarized. 

You copy and paste the writing and they scan it against a database of websites.

How To Use It For Your SEO Content

You can use Small SEO Tools if you need a quick plagiarism check without any other features.

It is hard to say how large the database is for Small SEO Tools. Since the subscription is free, you can expect that the data is slightly less precise.

Top 3 Paid Duplicate Content Checkers

Paid duplicate content checkers have more features, and can be easier to use as well since they rarely have banner ads that get in the way.

They have larger databases and more resources, making them more accurate in finding any duplicate content on your site.

Paid Duplicate Content Checker #1- Plagscan

Plagscan is a plagiarism scanner that is popular with academic institutions. 

Teachers use it to make sure that student’s submissions are original.

How To Use It For Your SEO Content

Plagscan can be used to make sure your SEO content is original. 

These tools tend to be geared more for academic uses, so you might be better off with a paid content checker that has tools made for website content instead.

Paid Duplicate Content Checker #2- Quetext

Quetext advertises a “proprietary deep search” that is a large database to scan your article against to check it for duplicate content. 

By paying for the subscription services that Quetext offers, you gain access to their database, which is said to be larger than other content checker databases.

How To Use It For Your SEO Content

You can try Quetext for free before you sign up for other services. 

If you like the free version and find yourself using it often, you can upgrade for more features.

Paid Duplicate Content Checker #3- Grammarly (Premium)

Grammarly is possibly the most popular duplicate content checker. You can use their free service, or sign up for premium.

How To Use It For Your SEO Content

Grammarly Premium is worthwhile if you are scanning a lot of content. 

On top of checking for grammar mistakes, the tool can help with proper sentence structure.

Bonus SEO Tools You Need To Know About

There are tons of books, articles, blogs, and videos made to help you with SEO. 

You can find an unlimited amount of tools to analyze your website’s ranking, find keywords, protect you against duplicate content, and help you create great articles to engage your readers.

With enough time and effort, you can become an SEO expert if that’s your goal. Here are some other crucial tools that you’ll need, beyond just duplicate content checkers.


SEMrush is a marketing analytics tool used by almost all SEO experts. The website offers crucial analytics for finding the keywords that you want to target.

Familiarizing yourself with SEMrush software can take some time, and you’ll have to pay for the subscription.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is similar to SEMrush. You can use it to analyze your website’s visibility on Google searches. 

You can also use the Google duplicate content checker to check for duplicates while you’re using Google’s services for SEO.

Keep in mind, Google Search Console only works for Google, and doesn’t include other search engines.


Moz offers several SEO tools. Part of their paid membership includes access to analytics that will help you pinpoint keywords that you should be focusing on in your content. 

You can also use Moz to see how valuable specific backlinks are for your website. Moz will audit your site to uncover any issues, and track your ranking as well.

You can also visit their website for tips on SEO.

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