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Written By: Joey Randazzo

Joey Randazzo is the owner and Founder of Portland SEO Growth Partners based in Portland, OR. He’s worked with hundreds of businesses to build growth-centric SEO campaigns.

Updated: January 12th, 2023

This Remodelers SEO Guide Has Been Comprehensively Updated for 2023

Due to consistent algorithm updates, the relatively recent Helpful Content Update in late 2022, we’ve updated the written content that already existed on the page. We’ve written new content. And we’ve filmed new video content. Everything is up-to-date, fresh, and helpful for your remodeling business to dominate Google for 2023.

How We Help Remodelers Grow Their Practice & See A

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Increase Google Rankings

Start ranking for high-value, industry-related keywords that your target audience is searching for.

More High-Quality Web Traffic

Attract more potential clients to your website organically each month.

Increased Leads & Phone Calls

Get more high-quality lead submission forms and phone calls each month.

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Here's What You Want To See With Your Website & SEO Remodelers

When Someone Types "Remodelers Near Me" Into Google, You Show Up Here …

remodelers featured snippet

When Someone Types "Remodelers Near Me" Into Google, You Show Up Here …

Put yourselves in your target audiences’ shoes. How would you search for a remodeler?

You’d likely pull out your smartphone and type in something like “remodelers near me.” The first thing you’ll see is a map area referred to as the Google Local Pack. We like to call this “beachfront real estate for SEO.” That’s because the remodelers who show up here are going to “win” the most website clicks and phone calls.

When Someone Types "Best Remodelers in [City]" Into Google, You Show
Up Here …

remodelers featured snippet

Your target audience is also likely to search for keywords such as “best remodeler near me” or “best remodeler in Portland.” 

Again, the Google Local Pack will be the first section to pop up in the results page, and those businesses in the Google Local Pack are likely to receive the most website clicks and phone calls.

remodelers featured snippet

When Someone Types Questions Into Google Like "How Much Should My Kitchen Remodel Cost," You Show Up Here …

When Someone Types Questions Into Google Like "How Much Should My Kitchen Remodel Cost," You Show Up Here …

People looking for remodeling services are asking thousands of questions on Google each day. Questions like…

  • “How long does a bathroom remodel take?”
  • “What is a reasonable price to remodel a kitchen?”
  • “How do I renovate my backyard on a budget?”

Ranking for valuable keywords like these prove to Google that you have comprehensive content and are an “authority” in your industry.

People Are Searching Differently For Remodelers Than They
Used To

Here’s a quick look at the number of people searching for “remodelers near me” over the past five years.


The screenshot above was taken from a tool owned by Google called Google Trends. You can see that the amount of people searching for this keyword has increased over time.

See The Common Theme? You Want To Increase Your Remodeling Company’s Digital Presence Online To Be Found By Motivated Potential Clients

The bottom line is that you want as many people looking for remodeling services in your city to know that you exist. Whenever they are searching for a remodeler on Google, you want to show up above your competitors.

How Do You Get Tangible Results With SEO for Home Remodeling Services?

Step 1: Comprehensive SEO Audit

It’s impossible to get where you want to be without first knowing where you are.

The goal of a comprehensive SEO audit is to determine:

  • Your current SEO performance
  • Your current SEO errors
  • Your local competition’s performance
  • Your technical SEO performance
  • And more

Step 2: Local SEO Visibility Audit

One of the main goals for SEO for remodelers is to increase your “local exposure”.

Using robust, third-party tools, we run an “SEO visibility test” to determine your current local exposure.

Here’s a glance at what this report looks like:

Step 3: Create a Roadmap Based on Data

Once we have a baseline on your current local exposure, we can begin to create a strategic SEO game plan based on data. Most SEO companies base their decisions on what they think will drive results. We prefer to let the data speak for itself.

We create a roadmap for success based on collected data. If the data shows that your website’s load time is really slow (which can negatively impact your local exposure), this will be one of the first things we recommend fixing!

Step 4: Implement Highest Priority Changes First

Here’s the rub: Not all SEO activities are created equal.

Taking time to update the alt text for images on a blog post from years ago isn’t going to carry the same impact as improving the content on your home page.

Based on your data, we look for “low hanging fruit” opportunities to target first. 

If you don’t have a Google Business Profile set up, that is going to be a priority. If you don’t have Services Pages specifically for “Kitchen Remodels,” “Bath Remodels.” etc, we are going to prioritize building out those pages over adding images to your About Us page.

Step 5: Local SEO Best Practices & Content Creation at Scale

Local SEO for home improvement boils down to achieving the following:

  1. Displaying accurate information across the web
  2. Providing consistent information that Google can trust
  3. Building authority in your industry

For Google to rank your business at the top of the pile, they need to know that if users call your phone number, they will actually be able to reach you. 

Having consistent NAPs (Name, Address, & Phone Number) across the web is critical to your local exposure.

Now as far as being an “authority”, that’s where your content comes into play. You need comprehensive content that answers questions your target audience is specifically searching for. Having comprehensive content makes Google view your website as more of an authority than another remodeling site with less and/or lower-quality content.

Step 6: Meticulously Track Data

The goal of SEO for remodelers is to increase organic traffic to your website and increase your phone calls. Ultimately, these activities lead to an increase in revenue for your business.

Tracking your data is paramount in ensuring your SEO campaign is performing the way that it should. We create a comprehensive dashboard that provides insights into your:

  • Keyword rankings
  • Website visitors
  • Phone calls
  • And other important KPIs

Top 4 Common SEO Mistakes Made by Remodelers

Mistake 1: They Don’t Fill Out Their Google Business Profile in Detail

It’s super important to be as comprehensive as possible when it comes to filling out your Google Business Profile listing. 

Almost every Google Business Profile makes sure to take care of the essentials, like listing:

  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Hours of operation
  • Main category; and
  • Website link

But if you want to out-rank your competition, you need to go above and beyond the basics. 

Have you added descriptions of your services? Are all of the applicable secondary categories for your business listed? Have you added all of the applicable attributes to your business? If not, add this information!

Perhaps you have 5 photos posted on your Google Business Profile. Take it to the next level and post 20. Take a photo of the outside of your business and parking lot. Want to be extra comprehensive? Add a video explaining what your business is about and what makes it unique.

Google LOVES seeing as much information about your business as possible. And clients do, too!

Mistake 2: They Don’t List All of Their Services Properly on Their Website

Let’s say you have a page with a bulleted list of all the services your remodeling company offers. This would be a wasted opportunity to maximize on ranking for valuable keywords and having comprehensive content.

Instead, create an individual page for each of your services. For example, your URL for a service page should look like this: [website]/services/kitchen-remodel

Think about potential clients searching for keywords like “kitchen remodeling near me.” Does the information on your page answer their questions? For an extra layer of comprehensiveness, maybe you can add an FAQ section at the bottom.

Mistake 3: They Fail to Create Data-Driven Content That Adds Value to Their Target Audience

All of your content creation should be backed by data. Oftentimes, we see remodelers create content based on what they think their target audience is searching for, only to do keyword research and find that their target audience is not searching for the targeted keywords at all!

Basing your content creation on keyword research is the only way to ensure that you are targeting the most valuable keywords and getting your content in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

Mistake 4: They Don’t Have a Repeatable Process for SEO

If you are going to produce consistent results, you need a consistent process for SEO. While SEO is a long-term strategy, it needs to be nurtured in order to provide those long-term results. Due to circumstances like …

  • Increased efforts from competition
  • Changes within your industry; and
  • Changes within the SEO industry

… SEO is not a one-and-done deal. At SEO Growth Partners, we have produced repeatable SEO strategies that yield results time and time again.

SEO for Remodelers Shouldn't Be 🍪 Cookie-Cutter — Everything Is 100% Customized To Your Business

SEO for remodelers is not the same as other types of SEO. The unfortunate truth is that most SEO companies treat it as such. They use the same cookie-cutter approach that they use for other industries, thinking it will produce similar results for remodelers. This is not the best approach.

We treat every business as unique and take an individualized approach to SEO for every industry. Your remodeling business may require specific strategies based on the size of your competition and specific website host.

5 Tactical Local SEO Strategies for Remodelers

Strategy 1: Google Business Profile Optimizations

Here’s an example of the front-end of a remodeling Google Business Profile:


This is what users can see from Google.

Before we touch on this more, let’s back up a little:

Why does having a Google Business Profile matter for remodelers? If you want to rank in the Google Local Pack, you need a Google Business Profile listing. 

In case you forgot, here is a screenshot of the Google Local Pack:

Optimizing your Google My Listing gives you the opportunity to rank here.

And when you DO rank here, you get more phone calls and website visitors than your competitors.

So, how do you effectively optimize your Google Business Profile listing to show up in the Google Local Pack?

One word: Comprehensiveness.

Having as much comprehensive information as possible is the best way to optimize your Google Business Profile listing.

Here’s a quick crash course on what is considered comprehensive and what isn’t:

For your main description, you may have written a sentence along the lines of, “We are an experienced team of home remodelers ready to make your dream home a reality.”

This is just ONE sentence. Google allows 750 characters for your main description. Use every amount of that character space to share as much information about your business as possible. What types of home remodeling projects do you do? How long have you been in the business? What communities do you serve?

Strategy 2: On-Page SEO for Your Homepage and Location Pages

On-page SEO for home improvement refers to content on your website. 

This includes things like:

  • Your title tags
  • Your meta description
  • Your header tags 
  • Internal and external links
  • Your images
  • And virtually anything you publish on your webpage!

Why is on-page SEO for home remodelers important? Because your first audience, Google, cares about it.

As a business that services multiple areas, your service and location pages are going to be where you want to put your most efforts towards on-page SEO. Remember, comprehensive information is important. 

Strategy 3: Website Architecture Best Practices

Website architecture is crucial, and probably one of the most underrated strategies when it comes to SEO for remodelers. 

Your site architecture is related to your sitemap. Google needs to crawl your sitemap to understand your site architecture, which in turn helps Google bots decipher the information on your page.

Here’s a screenshot of what a sitemap might look like through Google’s eyes:

If this looks confusing to you, don’t worry about it too much. But it’s important for context to know Google understands the information on your website.

The main takeaway here is that your website structure should make sense hierarchically. For example, let’s consider two main services that home remodelers offer — 1) kitchen remodeling and 2) bathroom remodeling.

These services should live under a “services” page. For example, your URL structure should be similar to: .com/services/

All services that your business offers should live under the main services page. For example:

  • .com/services/kitchen-remodeling
  • .com/services/bathroom-remodeling

This may seem obvious but a lot of remodeling websites do this wrong. Instead, every webpage is organized to live directly under the home page. For example:

  • .com/services
  • .com/kitchen-remodeling
  • .com/bathroom-remodeling

Based on this structure, Google can’t tell that “kitchen remodeling” is a service that you offer.

Strategy 4: Content Creation at Scale

Now, here is where things get fun. Remember that people searching for remodeling services type thousands of questions into Google every day. 

Some searchers are local, such as: 

  • Best home remodelers in Portland
  • Best kitchen remodelers in Portland

Some searches are more generic:

  • How long should my patio remodel take?
  • How much does a bathroom remodel cost?
  • Why should I hire a remodeler vs. DIY?

Answering these types of questions through comprehensive blog articles will do two things: 

  1. Increase your opportunity to rank well for these keywords that people are searching for, therefore increasing your organic traffic.
  2. Increase your authority status with Google for producing valuable, comprehensive information related to your industry.

Strategy 5: User Experience is a Bigger Deal Than You Think - Stop the Keyword Stuffing!

Over the years, the SEO game has changed. Keyword stuffing… PBN building… all the old, spammy tactics that used to work are no longer relevant.

Google is starting to understand that user experience is the most important aspect of a website.

What does this mean for you as a home remodeling business?

  1. You need to make it easy for users to find what they are looking for. They shouldn’t have to spend 5 minutes looking for your services.
  2. You need to make it easy for users to contact you. Make sure your number is clickable on a mobile device and consider adding submission forms to make the user’s experience even more simple.
  3. You need to create content that actually adds value to the reader. Thin, keyword-stuffed content isn’t going to cut it. 

On Average, Our Remodelers SEO Services for Cost

31% Less Than Other SEO Companies

Compared to Other SEO Companies That Average Between $1.5k and $3k Per Month.

FAQs About Remodelers SEO Services

Here are the most frequently asked questions about SEO for remodelers that we get asked over and over again.

What Is SEO for Remodelers?

Remodeling SEO is a specialized form of marketing that helps increase visibility in search engines, especially Google.

Not all SEO for remodeler strategies are created equal and can vary from business to business based on specific goals and needs. 

Some remodeling SEO strategies include: 

  • Keyword research
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Google Business Profile optimizations
  • Local SEO
  • Content creation
  • Landing page creation
  • PR
  • And more

Why Is SEO for Remodelers Important?

In order to capture leads, you need potential clients to be able to find you online. SEO for remodelers helps you rank above your competition for keywords that your target audience is searching for online.

Think about it this way: People can be scrolling through Instagram or Facebook and scroll past ads for remodeling companies in their city. They may be actively looking for remodelers, but that’s not likely. 

When people are searching for keywords like “home remodelers near me,” they are motivated buyers that are directly seeking out services that you offer. 

SEO for remodelers helps you get in front of this target audience. Ranking organically for valuable keywords on Google is going to yield a much higher conversion rate than a social media ad with a short campaign lifetime.

How Long Does SEO for Remodelers Take to Work?

You can start seeing positive movement from SEO for Remodelers at 1 week to 6 months, with more dramatic results happening around the 6-month mark. 

The amount of time it takes to see results from your SEO for remodelers campaign can vary based on factors like:

  • The size of your city
  • The age of your website/web presence
  • The “domain authority” of your website
  • How your current SEO is performing
  • The amount of competition you have
  • And more

For example, some of our clients have seen  2x – 3x the phone calls within a month after starting their SEO campaign.

It’s important to keep in mind:

If everyone could rank overnight for the HIGHEST valuable keywords in their industry by making just a few tweaks, the search engine results pages would be absolute chaos.

SEO does not work overnight. Google has built their algorithms this way to guarantee this.

What Remodelers SEO KPIs Should We Track?

SEO for remodelers needs to be consistently tracked.

If you’re investing money monthly for SEO, you want to know with absolute certainty that it is paying off.

To ensure this, you’ll want to track:

  • Keyword rankings: How are you ranking for your most valuable keywords? Are your keyword rankings changing week over week? Month over month?
  • Organic website traffic: Are you seeing an increase in organic traffic to your website? Which keywords are driving the most traffic?
  • Online lead submissions: Are you seeing an increase in online leads and form submissions? What does your lead generation look like monthly?
  • Phone calls: Are your phone calls from Google increasing? How many phone calls are you getting each month?

What Type of Content Should Remodeler Websites Have?

Remodeling SEO should include comprehensive content that your target audience is searching for:

Your content creation should be backed by data. The only way to know what your target audience is actually searching for on Google is to conduct keyword research.  This can be done with advanced SEO software and tools.

For example, if you know that an average of 1,000 people per month are searching for, “How much does a kitchen remodel cost,” you have data that suggests this would be a good topic to create content around. If optimized correctly, you can potentially rank well for this keyword along with dozens of other keyword variations by creating comprehensive content.

What are the Most Valuable Remodeling Company Keywords for SEO?

How To Work With Us

 First thing’s first — we don’t work with all remodeling companies.

We only work with remodeling companies who:

  • Are serious about growing their business
  • Have the bandwidth to withstand the type of growth that comes with partnering with us
  • Treat all of their employees and customers with respect

If this sounds like your remodeling company then check out the process below:

Step 1

Request a 'Free SEO Audit'

This process takes about 2 minutes.

Step 2

Check Your Email

In less than 24 hours, one of our talented SEO specialists will send you a 3-5 minute customized video analysis. It will explain opportunities for you to outperform competitors.

Step 3

Sit Back And Watch Your SEO Skyrocket

Just look at our case studies of the success that other Portland businesses have seen. You can have the same results.

If you’re interested in leveling-up your digital presence and leads through SEO, we can help. Call us today to learn more about our pricing and availability.

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