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Digital Marketing Testimonials

HVAC Company

We were looking for a digital marketing agency in Portland to help increase our presence on Google and found SEO Growth Partners. They've been a great partner to us over the last eight months, and we consistently see our services offered first on Google. Highly recommend working with their team!

AR/VR Agency

I'm based in Portland and own a few businesses. We've worked with Joey and SEO Growth Partners on a few projects and have seen their marketing expertise. Our AR/VR business has seen a huge jump in rankings and traffic - we're still troubleshooting lead generation from that traffic but definitely think we're heading in the right direction.

Medical Spa

We have been working with Portland SEO Growth for almost 2 months and they have been a big asset to our marketing efforts since they've come aboard. We are optimistic our partnership will continue to yield greater results in the coming months!!

How to Work With Our Digital Marketing Agency

Step 1

Request a 'Free Marketing Audit'

This process takes about 2 minutes.

Step 2

Check Your Email

In less than 48 hours, one of our talented SEO specialists will send you a 3-5 minute customized video analysis.

We only work with brands that we can truly help achieve dramatic results for.so this audit ensures your business has a lot of potential for growth!

Step 3

Schedule An Onboarding Call & We Get To Work

We get to work, building a customized campaign to help you reach your unique goals.

Multi-Channel Strategies + Obsessive Marketing Analytics = Marketing Aha! Clarity

Step 1

Phase 1: Find the Marketing Gap

To get to where you’re going, you first need to know where you’re at. To do that, we:

  • We get clarity on your moonshot goals: For most businesses, 20% of services bring in 80% of revenue. Let's target those services.
  • We analyze historical performance: What has worked well? What has failed? 
  • We reverse engineer your top competitors’ strategies: Often, marketing comes down to 1) replicating a competitors' strategy while 2) executing it 3x as well.
Step 2

Phase 2: Build a Fully Custom, Multi-Channel Marketing Orchestra

We balance the intent from different channels:

  • Search inbound: Folks searching for what you have to offer are high-intent, ready-to-convert traffic.
  • Social scrollers: Highly-targeted social campaigns interrupt the scrolling sequence of your ideal customer, getting them to click to the site.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: Traffic does not guarantee conversion.
  • Remarketing Consistency: We then remarket to engaged users on your site through email, Search, and more.
Step 1

Phase 3: Filter The Digital Window Shoppers From the Wallet Grabbers

Many digital marketing agencies in Portland are hyper-focused on the wrong KPIs. They say “your impressions went up 200%”

F&(% impressions. You want revenue!

That’s why we filter your audience:

  • Wallet Grabbers: The folks who actually buy your product or service.
  • Digital Window Shoppers: The folks who want to buy your product / service and may submit a website form, but ultimately waste your team's time & energy.
  • Lost Sheep: The people that ended up on your website that should never be there in the first place
Step 2

Phase 4: Exceed KPIs, Then Scale.

Successful digital marketing is about the following:

  • Find what works → scale it.
  • Find what doesn’t work → kill it.


We achieve this through advanced marketing analytics and conversion strategies:

  • Data Excellence: You’ll know your cost per website visitor, cost per lead, and cost per conversion.
  • Conversion Strategies Based on Analytics: We run A/B split testing, heatmap recording software to know how users engage with your website, intelligent chatbots for lead capture, and form optimization for final conversion.

Advertising Channels We Support


People are searching for what you offer on Google.

Rank organically → drive traffic → get more leads.


People are searching for what you offer on Google.

Rank in the “Sponsored” part of Google → drive traffic → get more leads.


Your target audience can be “interrupted” on social media through highly targeted advertising that’s geo-located.

Stop the scroll → get the click → get more leads.


Email is perfect for abandon cart sequences, running seasonal sales, thought leadership, and more.

Get in their inbox → get them to open the email → get more leads.


There are two ways to double your leads:

Get double the traffic: expensive and timely.

Double conversion rates on existing traffic: inexpensive and immediate.

Marketing Data Analytics

You don’t need this service if, within 5 minutes, you can tell us data such as:

How many visitors your website got from Google last month

Your cost per lead by channel

You Own Your City When You Use Our Digital Marketing Solutions

We never work with 2 businesses in the same industry in the same city.

Digital Marketing Pricing: Fully Customized To Reach Your Goals

Every campaign is customized and includes multiple channels (such as Marketing Analytics + Google Ads + CRO + email marketing).

Here are average client investments:

Single Location Brick & Mortar Business (i.e. Car Wash): $2,500/mo

Multi-Location Brick & Mortar Business (i.e. 3 location physical therapy clinic): $5,500/mo

Ecommerce Company: $3,500/mo

SaaS Startup: $4,500/mo

Portland-Based, Serving Clients Everywhere.

FAQ About Our Digital Marketing Agency Solutions

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