Google Maps Marketing in Portland

Your Potential Customers Are Searching Within Google Maps.

But, Are You Ranking Within Google Maps?

What is Google Maps Marketing

Just think about how people that live in Portland search online.

If they’re searching for a local business, like the one that you have, they’re going to do one of two things:

  1. Going to go straight to Google and search using phrases like “near me” or “in Portland.”
  2. They’re going to go straight to Google Maps and search using phrases like “near me” or “in Portland.”

So, if you’re not showing up within Google maps for these types of searches done by motivated buyers in your neighborhood, then you’re missing out.

Therefore, Google Maps marketing is the act of ranking within Google maps for high-value, LOCAL searches that your target audience is searching for.

How Does Google Maps Marketing Work?

Let’s say that you’re a chiropractor in Portland.

And let’s say that a woman named Kathy who lives in Portland is experiencing back pain.

Kathy might go to Google Maps and search for something like “best chiropractor near me.”

As you can imagine, Kathy is a very motivated buyer. She’s experiencing back pain and she’s actually pulled out her smart phone, gone to Google maps, and done a search.

And based on that search, certain chiropractors will show up ahead of others. Let’s say that your chiropractic clinic doesn’t show up at all… You’ve just lost a big opportunity.

Kathy might just be one of hundreds, if not thousands, of people searching for what you have to offer within Google Maps.

How Can Your Business Benefit From Google Maps Marketing?

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Google Maps Marketing Statistics To Prove It Works

Google Maps has over 154.5 million unique monthly users.

It is the preferred navigation app for nearly 6x more people compared to the second-most popular app Waze

77% of navigation app users indicating that their go-to navigation app is Google Maps.

What Happens If You DON'T Invest In Google Maps Marketing?

How To Work With Us

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We only work with businesses who:

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