Keyword Research in Portland

Keyword Research Done According To Google's Best Practices.

What is Keyword Research?

To us, this is what keyword research looks like:

At the most basic level, keyword research is gathering the necessary keyword to find out which ones are worth “targeting” in an SEO campaign.

Most SEO companies in Portland aren’t as thorough as us.

They’ll say “x keyword has 2,000 searches per month and y keyword only has 500 searches per month. So, let’s target x”

But, what they fail to think about are all the other factors for each keyword, such as:

  • Competition level
  • What the intent behind each keyword is (who cares how many people are searching if no one wants to buy)
  • The potential ROI for each keyword (yes, we’ve created an algorithm to calculate this)

How Does Keyword Research Work?

As a company, we pay a lot of money for the leading keyword research tools and other SEO tools on the market. 

These are industry-leading platforms that the best-of-the-best use.

From there, we do a LOT of research to first understand your target audience. Who are they? What are their problems? How do they search? Are they interested in buying today or do they want to just do some research?

After understanding your target audience, we get to work.

Depending on the industry, we’ll find between 200 and 1,500 of the highest-value keywords for your business.

After that, we categorize the keywords by “content opportunity score” so that your business can target the “low hanging fruit” that will lead to the quickest and most long-term ROI.

How Can Your Business Benefit From Keyword Research?

Bridgetown Aesthetics

Increasing Local Traffic by 379% - Leading to Double The Phone Calls

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Keyword Research Statistics To Prove It Works

93% of the time, an online session begins by searching keywords on a search engine

16-20% of keywords searched on Google in any given day have never been searched before.

Every month, people visit over 1.5 billion business locations related to keywords they searched for on Google.

What Happens If You DON'T Invest In Keyword Research?

How To Work With Us

First of all – we don’t work with all Portland businesses.

We only work with businesses who:

  • Are ambitious about growing their business
  • Have the bandwidth to take the growth that will come from working with us
  • Treat their employees and their customers well
If that sounds like you, then go through the easy process below:

Step 1

Request a 'Free SEO Audit'

This process takes about 2 minutes.

Step 2

Check Your Email

In less than 24 hours, one of our talented SEO specialists will send you a 3-5 minute customized video analysis. It will explain opportunities for you to outperform competitors

Step 3

Sit Back And Watch Your SEO Skyrocket

Just take a look at our case studies of the success that other Portland businesses have seen. You can have the same results.


From 14 Organic Visitors In April 2019 to 3,060 Organic Visitors in March 2020

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"We have seen double the phone calls and website leads for our medical practice."
Dr. Roby Hayes
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